The artisans involved in the Italian Shoes project come from the world famous shoemaking district of Fermo , which has the largest concentration of shoemaking companies in Italy. The origin of this craft network dates back to the old tradition of cobblers. Today it mostly consists of small businesses that produce shoes either under their own brand name or for larger international brands.

The guiding principles followed by the producers of Italian Shoes are the manufacture of an elegant and timeless product, demonstrating first-class ‘Made in Italy’ quality and passion for materials.

Behind every bag and shoe there is an artisan, whose know-how and culture of craftsmanship has been passed down from generation to generation. The artisan is deeply involved in every step of the shoemaking process; from the design, to the choice of leather, and the method of production. The result is a genuine work of art made entirely by hand.

The variety of products offered by Italian Shoes is the result of the specialisation of each respective craftsman in footwear, bags or accessories. Classic shoes for men, moccasins, pumps, jewelled sandals, fine leather bags, necklaces and earrings are all manufactured with utmost care and passion by talented artisans in the Marche region.

Choose Italian Shoes for their timeless elegance and classic style.